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UnSilent Night ( www.unsilentnight.com) is an event that started over
10 years ago in NYC. Composer Phil Kline created an ambient christmas
carol, split it into four channels, dubbed those channels onto
cassette tapes, and got people to show up with boom boxes. he handed
out the tapes and had everyone hit play at the same time and then lead
them through nyc to tompkins square park, creating a holiday inspired
audio landscape, a collaborative event that requires and rewards
So i contacted Phil and he is excited to have it take place in
Detroit. The event will take place on December 15th at 7PM, starting
in Clark Park in Mexican town (@ the corner of Vernor and Clark St)
and then walking through Mexican town, eventually returning to Clark
Park (lasts about 40 minutes). People are asked to bring a boom box,
and dress warmly. Tapes or cds will be distributed to all who come
(although only 200 copies are being made). The music can also be
download in an mp3 format from the unsilent night website, and brought
by the individual and played by an ipod with speakers. An art opening
at the 555 Gallery (http://www.555arts.org/) takes place the same
night and is close (relatively) by, to give people further reason to
make the trek on downtown.

UnSilent Night: Detroit
rsvp to detroitunsilent@gmail.com
7pm, December 15th
Corner of Vernor and Clark St
@ Clark Park
Bring a boom-box, or download the mp3,
and dress warmly!

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