e enjte, 28 qershor 2007

New Housing Development from the CAID

The same people that bring us Funk night are now working on a housing development in the city for artists, complete with a gallery and studio space. The blurb below has an overview, but more info can be found at info@thecaid.org or by going to the CAID site, link to the right...This is extremely exciting to see in the city!

Coming in 2007: CAID will play an important role in the development of a 31 unit apartment building that will provide affordable housing for artists. The project, located in Southwest Detroit’s Hubbard Farms Historic District will include artist’s studios, exhibition spaces, residency programs and much more. CAID will assist the Southwest Non Profit Housing Corporation with project marketing within the artist community, identify artists that qualify for housing, plan and implement various art programs within the new artist housing community, assist with designing the common areas and common work spaces, and identify artists that could be employed to complete finish work on the building such as painting, tile work, etc

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