e mërkurë, 27 qershor 2007

SPE Conference in Michigan

The Midwest SPE Conference will be held in Flint November 8th-11th and will include lectures by Detroit's own John Ganis, and the great Edward Burtynsky.

More info on the conference, and the Midwest SPE can be found here

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Curtis McGuire tha...


im so going to this. Edward Burtynsky was given the Flying Elephant foundation award. Which has been a long term goal of mine for long time. The link above is to the foundations website and has other photographers on it. check it out.

Curtis McGuire tha...

the reason i know this - is because Gregory Colbert, the creator of Ashes and Snow donates money to the Flying Elephant Foundation. Gregory Colbert (by my opinion) is the best freaking photographer in the god damn world.


EE Berger tha...

I had seen Gregory Colbert's elephant work before, and I agree, its phenomenal.