e premte, 29 qershor 2007


I find the way Summer Kemick has her subjects interact with their surroundings to create a tension within the composition forms a certain awkwardness that Elizabeth, below, works with as well. It's mildly uncomfortable to watch the people within these frames, the way they pose in such odd or unexplainable ways, however this creates an interesting dialogue within the viewers head in relation to what is going on within the image.

Showcase: Elizabeth Wight

Recent CCS photo grad, Elizabeth Wight, has been featured in group exhibits such as Humble Arts and F-stop Magazine.. Her work, deals with ideas of space interaction, color, composition and existentialism.

e enjte, 28 qershor 2007

In Ann Arbor tonight

Compare/Contrast- Lauren Semivan and others

The more I look at Lauren Semivan's work (above), the more I see some great connections to both Ralph Eugene Meatyard and Francesca Woodman, absolute wonders in surrealist influenced photography. The dark atmospheres, interaction with space and object, dream-like surroundings, and strong use of light and shadow in creating a mood.



Lauren Semivan at David Klein

Cranbrook photography graduate, Lauren Semivan, is included in the "Fresh" show at David Klein Gallery. Her site is here.

Mezzanine Design Opens in Downtown

Mezzanine, a high-end design and retail center moved its shop from Ann Arbor to the Harmonie Park area. More info can be found here at their site.

New Housing Development from the CAID

The same people that bring us Funk night are now working on a housing development in the city for artists, complete with a gallery and studio space. The blurb below has an overview, but more info can be found at info@thecaid.org or by going to the CAID site, link to the right...This is extremely exciting to see in the city!

Coming in 2007: CAID will play an important role in the development of a 31 unit apartment building that will provide affordable housing for artists. The project, located in Southwest Detroit’s Hubbard Farms Historic District will include artist’s studios, exhibition spaces, residency programs and much more. CAID will assist the Southwest Non Profit Housing Corporation with project marketing within the artist community, identify artists that qualify for housing, plan and implement various art programs within the new artist housing community, assist with designing the common areas and common work spaces, and identify artists that could be employed to complete finish work on the building such as painting, tile work, etc

e mërkurë, 27 qershor 2007

The Tiffany Room

As previously mentioned, Kelly Frank is working on a temporary gallery space for the summer. "The Tiffany Room" will be existing in July, August and the first part of September in Warren at the Universal Mall at the corner of Dequindre and 12 mile. More info to come!

SPE Conference in Michigan

The Midwest SPE Conference will be held in Flint November 8th-11th and will include lectures by Detroit's own John Ganis, and the great Edward Burtynsky.

More info on the conference, and the Midwest SPE can be found here

State of the Art: Arts Writing in Detroit @ MOCAD

More info at the MOCAD site.

Wednesday, June 27 at 7pm

A dialogue on collecting would not be complete without a look at the state of arts writing whether it be from an academic perspective, print journalism, or internet-based perspective. Several members of the Detroit arts writing community take a detailed look at this important topic.

Presenters will include:
Jeffrey Abt, Associate Professor, Department of Art History, Wayne State University
Roger Green, Arts and Architecture Writer, The Ann Arbor News
Rebecca Mazzei, Arts and Culture Editor, MetroTimes
Nick Sousanis, Editor, theDetroiter.com
Moderated by Michael Hodges, The Detroit New

Charlotte Cotton

The curator / author / brainpower behind one of the greatest books on contemporary photography, The Photograph as Contemporary Art, Charlotte Cotton just moved to the LACMA to be the Photography Curator. In addition to writing, she has worked with Art and Commerce,and the Victoria and Albert Museum in England, and she's 36. Its so nice to see such a forward-thinking expert on contemporary photography accomplish so much at such a young age. An article on her move can be seen here.

e martë, 26 qershor 2007

Contemporary Japanese Photography @ UMMA

A review can be seen here, and more info on UMMA here.

And while we're on the subject of Japanese Photography, this blog is a great source of Contemporary Japanese photography.


I had comments on a private setting. Everyone can now comment, without registering to blogger...Comments away.

Sad News

Bernd Becher, one half of the incredible photo team of Bernd and Hilla Becher, has passed away.

e hënë, 25 qershor 2007

Compare/Contrast. David Byrne

For a long time I have loved David Byrne's dedication and radical concepts in the art world. I find his work to be an interesting comparison to Kelly Franks work below. It is this comparison that may find its way into being a regular segment within the collective, finding national and broader photographers who are working with similar concepts and ideas as Detroit based image-makers.

David Byrne also utilizes sequences to present his imagery, however does so more in an attempt to present a collection of images together at once. The "Individual Pictures" series creates a cohesive body of work with several independent photographs. I do think its impossible for relationships to be created within groupings, and in this I find a similarity to Kelly Franks sequences below.

More of David Byrne's work can be found here.

First Showcase...Kelly Frank

This is the exciting first showcase post. Any of you can be the next, send me your images. Check out the submission details to the right and get crackin.

Kelly Frank is a recent CCS photo grad, attending Cranbrook in the fall. Kelly is also working on a temporary gallery space, more details to come. Below are a selection of sequences from her CCS thesis, with artist statement below.

"The symbols and images we use personally and publicly to discover, define, and understand our world are beautiful and revealing. Today the intersection between fantasy and reality is blurred, and I question the illusions. American values and ideals are confused in a storm of contradictions. I fumble to edit the information of contemporary life, and with these sequences aim to address our collective consciousness."

JPG Magazine- Open Call for Submissions

JPG Magazine has open call for submissions for several ongoing themes. In addition to having other people view, favorite and vote for your images, you can do the same for others. Ten images per day can be uploaded, also providing a fairly decent portfolio space on the web for those of you without websites. Lastly, if your photo is chosen to be published, which are quite a few, you get a free subscription and $100. No entry fees, its that easy...
The magazine can be found at Borders, and is definitely worth checking out. Full of photos, next to no adverts.

Yacht Club Gallery

For anyone not familiar with the detroitarts blog, check out the link to the right....In addition, the moderator of said blog and its sister blog, detroit artworks, has opened a temporary gallery space in Hamtramack, The Yacht Club Gallery. Ann Gordon has been a great advocate for Detroit and the art scene here, and deserves everyone's support. Check out a review here.

e premte, 22 qershor 2007

Russell Industrial Center-Free Fest


Free Exhibit Space Available For The Russell Free Festival, 2007

(DETROIT) – The Inaugural Russell Free Festival (RFF) – the largest free assembly of artists, performance artists, musicians and filmmakers in the City of Detroit – will be held on Saturday, September 15, 2007 from 11:00 a.m.-midnight at the Russell Industrial Center at 1600 Clay Avenue off I-75. There is no entrance fee to participate and no commissions will be taken.

Participating visual artists will receive a free outside 12x12 exhibit space. There are no formal exhibition requirements. No exhibit materials will be provided by RFF. However, artists are free to supply their own tables, tents, etc. Lighting, security and vendor parking will be supplied by RFF. All exhibitors must agree to set-up/exhibit/and take-down guidelines. Spaces will be available on a first-come/first-serve basis.

Exhibit set-up will begin at 8:00 a.m. and must be completed by 10:30 a.m. Participants must maintain their space until 10:00 p.m. and clean up their space before they leave. RFF will not be responsible for any damages or loss associated with unmanned booths. The only other rules are: participate, do your thing and have fun.

All interested artists should respond by email to HYPERLINK "mailto:RFFinfo07@gmail.com" RFFinfo07@gmail.com. Please send us your contact information and we will get back to you with more details as soon as they are available.

Art galleries are also invited to secure free indoor exhibit space. Galleries must provide their own exhibit materials. Interested galleries should contact HYPERLINK "mailto:RFFinfo07@gmail.com" RFFinfo07@gmail.com. No participation charge or commission payment is required.

RFF is also recruiting bands for the event. A sound system and stage will be provided. A merchandise area will available at no charge to allow all bands to sell CDs and other merchandise and to promote upcoming events. All interested musicians and performance artists should contact HYPERLINK "mailto:RFFmusic@gmail.com" RFFmusic@gmail.com. Please indicate the size of your group and type of music.

Short films will be featured all day. Interested filmmakers should contact HYPERLINK "mailto:ed@detroitfilmsociety.net" ed@detroitfilmsociety.net for more information.

Restaurants interested in becoming RFF food and beverage vendors should email RFF at HYPERLINK "mailto:RFFinfo07@gmail.com" RFFinfo07@gmail.com.

Built in 1915, the Russell Industrial Center mirrors the history of the city itself. Established at the dawn of the Automotive Age, the Russell is now home to a growing number of artists, craftspeople, graphic arts companies, fashion companies, and commercial and industrial companies.