e martë, 4 shtator 2007

Lets Get Physical / Call for Submissions

I am happy and excited to "officially" announce that White Wall Collective will be given a physical space for the late half of September and October! I have taken over the Yacht Club Gallery for a little bit, and will be running several one-night opening shows. I'm very excited, and am working out all the details! I will keep everyone posted, and several people I may have already contacted to show in some of the shows. The four shows that are tentatively planned are:

The Portrait
Dead Pan / Documentary
Narrative and Language

If you feel your work would work in one of these categories, I'm open to submissions. Keep in mind that you will need to get me the work by a certain date, to Detroit for any out-of-towners. However due to limitations on sheer space, I will not be able to accept everything.

One show I am doing an open call for is the Polaroid show. If you work with polaroids, and would be interested in showing, please send me some low-res examples @ whitewallcollective@yahoo.com. Polaroids are small, so I can accept many photographers for that particular show.

Lastly, I would like to do several open critique nights in the space, on a week night. I will post more info as that comes along, but if anyone has any ideas or brainstorming for that, please let me know!

Questions welcome. Feedback always welcome. Thanks for the support!

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yacht club gallery tha...

quick note - this new gallery is not affilited with Yacht Club Gallery. it is in the space Yacht Club used to occupy.

best wishes for great success in your new venture!

Gorlor tha...

Hello EE Berger,
I am interested in submitting a portrait for your exhibition. Please let me know how you wish me to proceed.