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Showcase: Karolina Karlic

Karolina Karlic is a Minneapolis-based photographer. Born in Wroclaw Poland, her family immigrated to Detroit in search of the American dream in 1986. Karlic's work explores American culture from the complicated
perspective of an immigrant and a "white" girl growing up in urban
Detroit. Growing up the daughter of highly educated parents who fled
communist Poland to find work in the American auto industry, Karlic
watched as her father's hopes for his family crumbled alongside the
stock of Ford, General Motors, and Daimler Chrysler's North American

Her series "The Dee" (slang for Detroit) explores themes of desire and
regret. Vacant automobile factories and single-family-homes stalled in
construction stand silently in Karlic's photographs, metaphors for
economic crisis and its effect of a community. Also included in the
series are portraits of people the artist has met on the streets and
images of young families gathered on the porches of rental property,
which speak of beauty, creativity, and the desire to succeed.

Karlic's current work continues to examine the theme of desire and its
flip-side, despair. Through photography and video she is exploring ways
in which the Internet is used as an anonymous space to romantically
connect as well as to reveal ones deepest desire or shame.

More info here.
Karolina is one of the slew of fantastic photographers @ Jen Bekman Gallery, who is in charge of the "Hey Hot Shot" Competition, which is now open for Fall submissions...

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