e mërkurë, 19 shtator 2007

Showcase: Sametime Project

Brad Walker from Baltimore alerted me to a great site and project that he and a friend have been working on, entitled Sametime. Read what they have to say about it below. The concept is simple, the results are really quite nice. The way some of the images work together are fantastic. You can find the site here

Michael Lease (Richmond, Va.) and Brad Walker (Baltimore,Md.) present SAMETIME 7:15, a yearlong web-based collaboration of pictures and words. Beginning December 2006, each evening Lease and Walker have made an image in their respective cities. The images and texts range from quick snapshots with basic captions illustrating the moment, to elaborately executed images with whimsical, and on occasion poetic text.

Michael Lease, a Richmond-based artist who makes photographic installations, and Brad Walker, a Baltimore-based graphic designer and musician have known one another since Walker was Lease’s student at Frostburg State University in Western Maryland. SAMETIME 7:15 is their second collaboration. The project arose out of the artistswanting to make collaborative art despite their living in different cities. SAMETIME 7:15 explores issues of commitment, repetition, the workaday, the quotidian, the routine, and the desire to employ art-making as a bridge to geographical distance and as a vehicle for friendship.

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