e mërkurë, 26 shtator 2007

Woodward Lecture Series, Tomorrow

Thursday, September 27 at 7:30 pm

Orly Genger, sculptor Co-sponsored by the Cranbrook Academy of Art's Fiber Department and Lemberg Gallery

Some more info here

Showcase: Karolina Karlic

Karolina Karlic is a Minneapolis-based photographer. Born in Wroclaw Poland, her family immigrated to Detroit in search of the American dream in 1986. Karlic's work explores American culture from the complicated
perspective of an immigrant and a "white" girl growing up in urban
Detroit. Growing up the daughter of highly educated parents who fled
communist Poland to find work in the American auto industry, Karlic
watched as her father's hopes for his family crumbled alongside the
stock of Ford, General Motors, and Daimler Chrysler's North American

Her series "The Dee" (slang for Detroit) explores themes of desire and
regret. Vacant automobile factories and single-family-homes stalled in
construction stand silently in Karlic's photographs, metaphors for
economic crisis and its effect of a community. Also included in the
series are portraits of people the artist has met on the streets and
images of young families gathered on the porches of rental property,
which speak of beauty, creativity, and the desire to succeed.

Karlic's current work continues to examine the theme of desire and its
flip-side, despair. Through photography and video she is exploring ways
in which the Internet is used as an anonymous space to romantically
connect as well as to reveal ones deepest desire or shame.

More info here.
Karolina is one of the slew of fantastic photographers @ Jen Bekman Gallery, who is in charge of the "Hey Hot Shot" Competition, which is now open for Fall submissions...

e hënë, 24 shtator 2007

This Weekend...Taking Faces

I apologize for the recent lack of postings- Its been pretty hectic getting ready for the show this weekend. As a reminder, Saturday, September 29th from 7-10 pm @ White Wall Gallery....2750 Yemans Street, Hamtramck

e enjte, 20 shtator 2007

Shots Magazine, Call for Entries

Submittals must be received by November 1, 2007

SHOTS Magazine announces an international call for photographic work to be considered for publication in the ANNUAL PORTFOLIO ISSUE. Subject matter is open. Please visit the SHOTS website for complete details and guidelines. Selected photographers will have their work featured on at least four pages in this issue.

An established independent photography journal in its 21st year of publication, SHOTS Magazine reaches an international audience of photographers, collectors, galleries, museums, educators and other fine art photography enthusiasts. Don't miss this chance to have your work seen! Submittals are due by November 1.

e mërkurë, 19 shtator 2007

Liz Kuball and the "A Field Guide to the North American Family"

Liz Kuball contributed an image to an interesting book, here.

Showcase: Sametime Project

Brad Walker from Baltimore alerted me to a great site and project that he and a friend have been working on, entitled Sametime. Read what they have to say about it below. The concept is simple, the results are really quite nice. The way some of the images work together are fantastic. You can find the site here

Michael Lease (Richmond, Va.) and Brad Walker (Baltimore,Md.) present SAMETIME 7:15, a yearlong web-based collaboration of pictures and words. Beginning December 2006, each evening Lease and Walker have made an image in their respective cities. The images and texts range from quick snapshots with basic captions illustrating the moment, to elaborately executed images with whimsical, and on occasion poetic text.

Michael Lease, a Richmond-based artist who makes photographic installations, and Brad Walker, a Baltimore-based graphic designer and musician have known one another since Walker was Lease’s student at Frostburg State University in Western Maryland. SAMETIME 7:15 is their second collaboration. The project arose out of the artistswanting to make collaborative art despite their living in different cities. SAMETIME 7:15 explores issues of commitment, repetition, the workaday, the quotidian, the routine, and the desire to employ art-making as a bridge to geographical distance and as a vehicle for friendship.

The Weeklies

Metro Times has their "Arts Issue" this week; some interesting reads, and Real Detroit has their "Vintage" issue out, with photographs on the cover and inside by myself, EE Berger. Check them out.

e enjte, 13 shtator 2007

Article in Real Detroit, First White Wall Opening

First- there is an interesting article on an artist collective, mostly of CCS grads I believe, @ Russel. Check it out. Second, here is the promo for the first White Wall Show- More info to come!!

Showcase: Matthew Nistor

Matthew Nistor, originally from Sterling Heights, now lives in Brooklyn, NY, and has some really interesting black and white architecture work. His site can be found @ www.matthewnistor.com. I really enjoy the texture and pattern that each image creates, abstracting the building beyond the point of recognition.

Words Fail Me @ MOCAD

More info here.
Opens Saturday, September 17th. 7 pm.

e mërkurë, 12 shtator 2007

Jef Bourgeau @ OU

Opening, Saturday September 8 from 6 - 8pm
Artist's talk on Sunday, September 23 - 2pm.

e martë, 11 shtator 2007

Worlds Largest Photo

In today's photography scene, there is seemingly a "bigger is better" attitude. And now, the world's largest photograph is on display over at ArtCenter. Measuring in @ 3 stories high by 11 wide, it debuted on September 6th. Here is an Art Center link here.


Two recent submissions by Detroit-area based photographer Richard Sudney, (top image), and Ted Van Orman (bottom image), are not related visually by any means, however their visual simplicity and cleanliness reminds me of the other. I also find it interesting that they could be considered to be "eye candy", a title that for me never depletes the work if it is a quality image to begin with. Photographs mustn't be loaded down with overbearing concept all of the time. However this debate / issue is one of the frequent points brought up in the "Is Photography Art?" argument. Over at Detroit Arts, there is a somewhat funny argument going on over John Cynar's work @ Motor City, with discussion of said issue.

e mërkurë, 5 shtator 2007

"Telephone" @ Johanson Charles

An art show based on the children's game of Telephone is opening @ Johanson Charles gallery on Friday, September 7th from 7-11 pm.

1345 Division, West of Russell
Detroit, 48207, Eastern Market

Phone Game players and live performances. Should be interesting!

Compare/Contrast- Georg Parthen

Although the images themselves do not remind me of Patrick Romero's movie industry portraits, Georg Parthen photographs movie theatres, which I think is an interesting contrast to the way Romero's perspective of movies and the movie industry. Parthen's site can be found here. There are loads more really stunning images there, go check it out.


As the Yacht Club Gallery pointed out below in a comment, yes, I am just taking over the space, not the actual gallery. The gallery will be officially called White Wall. Thanks, and remember, I need Polaroid submissions.

e martë, 4 shtator 2007

Lets Get Physical / Call for Submissions

I am happy and excited to "officially" announce that White Wall Collective will be given a physical space for the late half of September and October! I have taken over the Yacht Club Gallery for a little bit, and will be running several one-night opening shows. I'm very excited, and am working out all the details! I will keep everyone posted, and several people I may have already contacted to show in some of the shows. The four shows that are tentatively planned are:

The Portrait
Dead Pan / Documentary
Narrative and Language

If you feel your work would work in one of these categories, I'm open to submissions. Keep in mind that you will need to get me the work by a certain date, to Detroit for any out-of-towners. However due to limitations on sheer space, I will not be able to accept everything.

One show I am doing an open call for is the Polaroid show. If you work with polaroids, and would be interested in showing, please send me some low-res examples @ whitewallcollective@yahoo.com. Polaroids are small, so I can accept many photographers for that particular show.

Lastly, I would like to do several open critique nights in the space, on a week night. I will post more info as that comes along, but if anyone has any ideas or brainstorming for that, please let me know!

Questions welcome. Feedback always welcome. Thanks for the support!

Model D Media

Model D Media has a You-Tube account with their video showcases. The majority of them focus on creative centers, locations, businesses and happenings within the city. Check them out here.


Adding to the always growing list of online art galleries / exhibition spaces, Berlin-based Wooloo.org is really quite a fantastic site. By signing up for a free account, you can have your own site with your work up, form exhibitions that curators can pick-up for selection, have a blog, and do several other really great things.

It's yet another site, such as Saatchi or Jpeg, that allows artists to have sites for free, hosted through the organization. It's also an interesting study in how artists are sharing and presenting their work in the 21st century.


Showcase: Patrick Romero

Patrick Romero works in the movie industry, and has started a body of work entitled "Available for Filming", a personal catalog of people and locations in Los Angeles. Romero has been shooting for two years, and more of his work can be found here.. I find the images without people to be really beautiful, both in lighting and a certain awkwardness. It's unclear what or where he is shooting in many cases.