e enjte, 19 korrik 2007

Interview and Compare/Contrast: Takashi Yasumura

Takashi Yasumura's work is another example of still life and simplicity working so well together. I'm such a huge fan of simplicity in any photograph. Takashi Yasumura is represented by Yossi Milo gallery, and this interview here
is an interesting look at why Milo was drawn to Yasumura's work. It also has a link with "more pictures". I could not find a site for Yasumura, but Yossi Milo's site is here. Another aspect I find interesting about Yasumura's photographs is that they are perfect examples of breaking the commercial/fine-art boundaries. Equally as successful as an advertisement or on a gallery wall, Yasumura seems to be a great example of how many photographers, (ie Nan Goldin, Phillip Lorca Di Corcia, Cindy Sherman and David LaChapelle to name a few), are using their "fine art" techniques in advertising and editorial work.

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