e hënë, 23 korrik 2007

Showcase: Douglas Ljungkvist

Douglas has submitted his work all the way from Brooklyn. I find it interesting that his urban landscape work, below, has such an obvious visual connection to Detroit. Douglas can be found here, which has plenty more work similar to the selection here. In addition, a statement can be found below the images.

As an urban landscape photographer, I am interested in the vernacular landscape and areas of transition in Brooklyn. Seldom do I feature people in this project as I like to strip scenes to their core. Most people will never visit the areas I shoot in until the transition is complete. Therefore the project takes on a secondary function as documenting the now for the future.

My goal is to create images where the sum is greater than the parts and light plays a key role. I want a viewer to instantly find the work beautiful. But once they start to analyze it, they will notice that it consists of mostly ugly parts. I call this 'Beautiful Ugliness'.

With the rapid urban renewal a.k.a. Gentrification, Brooklyn has become my muse.

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