e premte, 6 korrik 2007

Showcase: Christian O'Grady

Christian O'Grady works with and addresses the technique and history of collage. Images and statement below, the body of work is called, Time Space Me. Christian can be found/contacted here

Time space me is a combination of images and text that represent things that were or could have been pivotal in my life. Juxtaposition of certain images creates a tension and a balance, whether visual or theoretical. The study of time and how it effects us has had a great impact on my life. Understanding that the most subtle changes could have created a completely different path for me inspired me to make this body of work.
People have been using photographs to make collages for decades. Recently with the advent of digital technology collages can take new forms. Exploiting the digital tools allows me to create in a manner that is different and more open ended than my predecessors. As a visual artist I did not want to be limited to one medium. Opening up from photography (which is my original art form) to collage has allowed me to look at more than the world through a lens. With the layering of photographs, drawing, text that inspires me, and scanned found objects I am able to better represent my feelings on various subjects.
Recently my work has taken the form of handmade books. This series titled time space me is still in progress as it progresses towards the final form of a book.

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Anonim tha...

Why explain why it is 'ok' to mix mediums as a photographer, defending photography as the same as any visual artist, and 'what collage does' to better express your feelings? I am turned off by artist statements that treat the audience as niave and set up / explain to much. Let the eloquance (sp!?) and visual poetry be.