e hënë, 16 korrik 2007

New Studio Spaces @ RIC

With over 80 artists on our campus, we needed more studio space. We have just finished 14 new studios that are 1000 square feet plus for 600 dollars a month and a 600 dollar security deposit. Come join the biggest and fastest growing art collective this side of Woodward.

High ceilings

Excellent Power

24 hour access For more information call Eric at 313 363 8333

24 hour security

and ample parking

1200 dollars moves you in

OH and if you haven't heard on SEPT 15 '07 we are going to have the first ever PEOPLE's ARTS FESTIVAL

at Russell Industrial Center. It is free outside exhibition space for all visual artists, email rffinfo07@gmail.com to see about signing up. We will have two music/peformance venues and food, beer (inexpensive pricing) and a Film theatre.

This event is brought to you by the tenants of RUSSELL Industrial Center and Real Detroit WEEKLY

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