e enjte, 29 nëntor 2007

Also Friday @ Cranbrook.....

Lecture by curator Jane Jackson, director of the Sir Elton John
Photography Collection, hosted by the Photography Department at
Cranbrook Academy of Art

Friday, November 30, 3pm, deSalle Auditorium, Cranbrook Art Museum

In 2003, Jane Jackson sold her Atlanta based gallery, Jackson Fine Art,
to become the first director of the Sir Elton John Photography
Collection. She currently works closely with Elton to maintain and
further develop his renowned collection of modernist and contemporary
photographs. During the fifteen years of operating Jackson Fine Art,
Jane was cited in numerous magazines such as Art & Auction,
Architectural Digest, Forbes and Business Week for her success in
exhibiting and selling both vintage and contemporary photographs. She
was selected as one of the "Forty Leaders under 40" for Georgia Trend
magazine and selected by American Photo's "Meet the Future" for "being
one of the brighter lights handling innovate, risk-taking work. Ms.
Jackson was instrumental in the creation of the exhibition and
accompanying catalogue Chorus of Light: Photographs from the Sir Elton
John Collection held at the High Museum of Art in 2000." She has
previously served as Vice-President of AIPAD and on the Executive
Committee of the Atlanta College of Art. Jane currently serves on the
international board of the Center for Creative Photography.

Ms. Jackson resides in Atlanta, Georgia where Sir Elton John has a home
and the majority of the photography collection is installed or in
storage. Elton began collecting photography in 1991 and the collection
now includes 5,000 photographs spanning from 1916 to the present. There
are a number of artists of whom Elton John has collected in-depth
including Man Ray, Robert Mapplethorpe, Irving Penn, Andre Kertesz, and
Horst P. Horst. Sir Elton John's collection is ever expanding but he now
has the advantage of being more selective as his collection holds some
of the most rare and important photographic works of the 20th century.
The collection has recently made loans to the National Gallery of Art in
Washington DC, the Pinchuk Art Centre in Kiev, and the Tate Modern in

For her lecture at Cranbrook, Jane will provide a visual overview of
Elton's collection and its various themes. Jane will further discuss the
methodology and history of Elton's collecting as well as how she sees
the state of contemporary photography today.

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