e enjte, 8 nëntor 2007

Night-time Photography

I recently received the ICP newsletter in my inbox, and at the bottom of the page was the "Photo-tip of the month", this one in particular geared towards night-time photography. I've recently come across a slew of great photographs taken in the evening. I'm not sure if this is a growing trend, or if I've been more drawn to them as of late. Two photographers in particular, Scott Lessing,, who's images are listed first, and Remi Thornton, listed as the last two.



8 komente:

rachel.hawthorn tha...

Some more night time work:

patti Hallock's nocturnal suburbia

and Tim Davis

bill_stein_photo tha...

the thornton work is amazing. much more on his/her site. creepy stuff.

blue robbin tha...

the night images are powerful but the colors are even more amazing. the image that thornton creates are striking and the photo's create a feeling of reality.

x-plane tha...

thornton's site says "pure, simple, eerily beautiful"


Sam Kennedy tha...

they really capture that feeling you get in the evening/night. its almost as if its another world. The pictures make me feel a little tense, almost as if I'm not supposed to be where the pictures are taken.

Remi tha...

Thanks for the comments!

Anonim tha...

For Thortons work, I love the composition of the last photo and the colors are amazing. The lighting on the house seems a little too set up though, seems like it's trying to capture something that's not there, then again maybe it wasn't set up! I'm not as interested but the colors are still amazing.

Anonim tha...


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