e martë, 13 nëntor 2007

DIA- You Goin?

I know its an old tag-line for the DIA, but I think it still fits for the upcoming re-opening....There is an artist's party on the 23rd, and I think it should be really fun...Find info below

Artist Party
Friday, November 23
9:30 p.m. — Midnight
Kresge Court

Featuring the Immigrant Suns
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Please spread the word
throughout the art community!

Artist's Party Host Committee:
Hartmut Austen Glenn Barr Kristin Beaver Martyn Bouskila
Taurus Burns Mitch Cope John Corbin Lynn Crawford Andrea Eis
Mary Fortuna Scott Hocking Richard Lewis Andy Malone
Glen Mannisto Kathleen McShane Dennis Nawrocki Jim Pallas
Valerie Parks Tom Phardel John Richardson Dave Roberts
Phaedra Robinson Mel Rosas Mark Sengbusch Clinton Snider
Gilda Snowden Sally Schluter Tardella Graem Whyte
Robert Wilbert Elizabeth Youngblood

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