e martë, 20 nëntor 2007

@ The Book Beat

Apparently, at the Book Beat in Oak Park, there is this going on. I can't seem to find anymore info than what is given, if anyone knows- shout it out!

"For several years, an informal group of photographers and photo educators meets on occassion in the Book Beat gallery. The group began as a suggestion by Bill Rauhauser, dean of Detroit photography. At 80+ years, Bill has seen and witnessed a hell of a lot. For over four decades he taught photo history at the Center for Creative Studies. One of Bill’s images was included in the famous “Family of Man” exhibit in the early 1960s and he’s the author of several books all centered around Detroit images. At the photo group meetings we share technical advice, events, gossip, history and criticism. Discussions range from a marvelous intensity to the mundane. The meetings are always interesting and a chance for photographers to swap stories around a bottle of wine.
A photo group exhibition was recently suggested and is now on display through the end of December in the Book Beat gallery. Recent works by Marilyn Zimmerman, Bob Mosher, Chuck Cloud, David Griffith, Barry Roth, Eric Smith, Gene Meadows, Vincent Fregonara, Rick Lieder, Robert Shimmin, Carla Anderson, Mary Quinn, Cary Loren, and Bill Rauhauser are now on view. It is an eclectic show that ranges from contact platinum prints to digital photographs made without a camera. This small exhibition demonstrates the diversity of approaches in a medium still trying to be understood, ripe with conflict and purpose."

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