e martë, 13 nëntor 2007

List of Problems w/ the Shot on VH1

My list of problems with the new reality show on VH1, The Shot, keeps growing. Aimed at finding America's Next Top Fashion Photographer, the show is produced by the same people as America's Next Top Model. I was initially irritated when seeing the portfolios of the contestants on the first episode, a cheesy collection of typical amateur photography. I was then irritated when I noticed that the photographers were not even setting up their own lighting, or seemed unfamiliar with the equipment they had been given.. (One contestant even asking how to "zoom" with her fixed lens). The lighting had already been done for them, their cameras most likely on pre-determined exposures.

The most recent irritation is Detroit specific. "Piper", one of the more annoying people on the show, is claimed to be from Detroit every time her names pops on the screen. Curious to see what Piper's story was, I googled her today, only to find that Piper actually lives in New York. I can't help but think they add her location as being in Detroit only to add some "drama", or give her some street cred.

Its unfortunate that the general public is getting such a poor image of what fashion photography, and photography in general, is all about.

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William & Susan tha...

Reality show? It's television. It's marketing. There's nothing remotely real about it. It's just something to shake your head and laught at. It's not worth the time it takes for you to post a comment on this blog. Hah! It sure as heck isn't worth the time it takes me to point this out to you. Sucked me right in, didn't it?

Anonim tha...

William and Susan, you should probably get off your high-horse. I think it is actually worth the time to put on the blog, and I don't think you really need to point out to the blog something that is most-likely already known. Its obviously a reality show, a fake-scripted piece of garbage. However, most people don't realize that when they're watching it, they take the reality part seriously- leading the general public to believe thats how fashion photography works. THAT was the whole point of the posting on the blog.

Anonim tha...

You really can't count on reality TV to truly show the real professionals out there. Most of them won't want to be on some stupid reality show. The real photagraphers out there will want to have creative freedom. Reality TV shows want to have that control, and the smart people out there know it. Also, what self respecting photagrapher, musician, ect. would really want to go on the show, win, and from then on be known as "the photagrapher on that cheesy VH1 show?" Not I.

William & Susan tha...

"However, most people don't realize that when they're watching it, they take the reality part seriously" And that's the reason our society is such a mess...

Anonim tha...

Actually, Piper is from Detroit; she was born and raised there. I lived in New Mexico for a time. I still told people I was from my hometown in Michigan, because that was where I was from, not just where I happened to live.

Anonim tha...

I know this is really late to comment on, since the show somehow dissapeared. I do want to let you all know that griping about a reality show not being real is exactly what they want you to do. Of course the contestants aren't professionals, otherwise they would already have a career. But I for one wouldn't mind having publicity like a tv show to back my career up. As far as scripted, it's not, but the day is set from morning to night with what, where, when, and who already planned and the how is up to the contestants (for the most part). Anytime you put a camera in plain view of someone, they stop being who they normally are, even you would act differently if you were being filmed, and especially if you were being told what to do and where to go. Give it a rest and enjoy watching or not watching. These shows are there only for those who choose to watch and not for those who don't.

Anonim tha...

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