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Also Friday @ Cranbrook.....

Lecture by curator Jane Jackson, director of the Sir Elton John
Photography Collection, hosted by the Photography Department at
Cranbrook Academy of Art

Friday, November 30, 3pm, deSalle Auditorium, Cranbrook Art Museum

In 2003, Jane Jackson sold her Atlanta based gallery, Jackson Fine Art,
to become the first director of the Sir Elton John Photography
Collection. She currently works closely with Elton to maintain and
further develop his renowned collection of modernist and contemporary
photographs. During the fifteen years of operating Jackson Fine Art,
Jane was cited in numerous magazines such as Art & Auction,
Architectural Digest, Forbes and Business Week for her success in
exhibiting and selling both vintage and contemporary photographs. She
was selected as one of the "Forty Leaders under 40" for Georgia Trend
magazine and selected by American Photo's "Meet the Future" for "being
one of the brighter lights handling innovate, risk-taking work. Ms.
Jackson was instrumental in the creation of the exhibition and
accompanying catalogue Chorus of Light: Photographs from the Sir Elton
John Collection held at the High Museum of Art in 2000." She has
previously served as Vice-President of AIPAD and on the Executive
Committee of the Atlanta College of Art. Jane currently serves on the
international board of the Center for Creative Photography.

Ms. Jackson resides in Atlanta, Georgia where Sir Elton John has a home
and the majority of the photography collection is installed or in
storage. Elton began collecting photography in 1991 and the collection
now includes 5,000 photographs spanning from 1916 to the present. There
are a number of artists of whom Elton John has collected in-depth
including Man Ray, Robert Mapplethorpe, Irving Penn, Andre Kertesz, and
Horst P. Horst. Sir Elton John's collection is ever expanding but he now
has the advantage of being more selective as his collection holds some
of the most rare and important photographic works of the 20th century.
The collection has recently made loans to the National Gallery of Art in
Washington DC, the Pinchuk Art Centre in Kiev, and the Tate Modern in

For her lecture at Cranbrook, Jane will provide a visual overview of
Elton's collection and its various themes. Jane will further discuss the
methodology and history of Elton's collecting as well as how she sees
the state of contemporary photography today.

@ The Caid- this weekend

Noel Night's Actual Size
The 2007 Actual Size Biennial Open Late This Saturday

Join us this Saturday before or after your visit to Noel Night. CAID will host a closing reception for the 2007 Actual Size Biennial from 6 PM to 11 PM at both CAID and the Ladybug Gallery.

More than 150 Metro Detroit and Windsor area and national based visual artists show works in all mediums in the 2007 Actual Size Biennial. The biennial ends this Saturday with the exception of the Ladybug Gallery where it will remain on exhibit through December 22, 2007.

Curated by Aaron Timlin, the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit (CAID) presents this year's biennial, the fifth, at CAID and at CAID's newest gallery, the Ladybug Gallery. Located in Southwestern Detroit, Actual Size will be the inaugural exhibition for the new space.

"The Ladybug Gallery is a new large gallery and I will enjoy hanging its first show, Actual Size," said Timlin who invited each artist to create one work in any medium, 2-D or 3-D, with the stipulation that at least two dimensions are 8 ½" x 11" (the size of the mailing card for the exhibition).

Uniting three generations of artists, the Actual Size Biennial began with the detroit contemporary in 1999 under Timlin's curatorial direction. Timlin curates the current biennial in a new position, CAID's first full-time Executive Director since its founding in 1979.

"The Actual Size Exhibitions at the CAID gallery have always been able to bring the whole artistic community together like no other art exhibit ", said Sergio DeGiusti, one of the exhibiting artists.

Participating artists include local emerging and established artists, many of whom exhibit on both national and international levels.

@ Madonna University

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Friday @ Cranbrook

Check it out- it should be a great show!

e hënë, 26 nëntor 2007

Nosferatu @ the Painted Lady

Nosferatu is playing @ the Painted Lady in Hamtramck tonight @ 8 pm.

Are You Kidding?

There's nothing worse than elitist views in journalism, especially when it comes from people in New York who think there's nothing else, except New York. For example, in this article @ the Times, this journalist decided to throw this out there...

"Mocad, as everyone calls it, opened just over a year ago in a one-story former car dealership. Its current show, “Words Fail Me,” organized by the New York artist and curator Matthew Higgs, explores language as a visual-art medium that is also directly linked to poetry. Most of the 16 artists included are familiar names in New York. I wondered if they would look out of place in Detroit, but they don’t."

I can't even to begin to critique the last sentence of that statement. Stick to the review of the DIA, avoid the condescending, ignorant bull.

Another lecture @ CCS

The CCS Woodward Lecture Series is pleased to present Anne Pasternak for a free lecture on Thursday, November 29 at 7:30 p.m. in the Wendell W. Anderson Jr. Auditorium in the Walter B. Ford II Building on the College for Creative Studies campus.

Since the fall of 1994, Anne Pasternak has been the executive director of Creative Time, Inc., a non-profit public arts organization dedicated to commissioning and presenting the work of adventurous artists working with untried media, offering opportunities to experiment and engage new audiences. Projects under her artistic direction range from exhibitions and performances in the historic Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage, new sculptures in Grand Central Station, paintings in Coney Island and skywriting over Manhattan, to the "Tribute in Light," the twin beacons of light that illuminated the former World Trade Center site six months after 9/11, in honor of the lives lost there.

Pasternak has been committed to initiating projects that give artists the opportunity to innovate their practice, celebrate New York life, and reflect on contemporary society while engaging millions of people with art that permeates everyday urban life. In addition to her work at Creative Time, Pasternak curates independent exhibitions and contributes essays to numerous cultural publications.

Seating and Parking are both handled on a first come, first serve basis with parking available in the CCS parking structure as well as on surface streets near campus. Please see the map (PDF, 92 KB) for more details.

Established through a generous endowment by an anonymous donor, the Woodward Lecture Series annually brings six renowned artists to CCS for free public lectures, and learning sessions with CCS students.

e martë, 20 nëntor 2007

@ The Book Beat

Apparently, at the Book Beat in Oak Park, there is this going on. I can't seem to find anymore info than what is given, if anyone knows- shout it out!

"For several years, an informal group of photographers and photo educators meets on occassion in the Book Beat gallery. The group began as a suggestion by Bill Rauhauser, dean of Detroit photography. At 80+ years, Bill has seen and witnessed a hell of a lot. For over four decades he taught photo history at the Center for Creative Studies. One of Bill’s images was included in the famous “Family of Man” exhibit in the early 1960s and he’s the author of several books all centered around Detroit images. At the photo group meetings we share technical advice, events, gossip, history and criticism. Discussions range from a marvelous intensity to the mundane. The meetings are always interesting and a chance for photographers to swap stories around a bottle of wine.
A photo group exhibition was recently suggested and is now on display through the end of December in the Book Beat gallery. Recent works by Marilyn Zimmerman, Bob Mosher, Chuck Cloud, David Griffith, Barry Roth, Eric Smith, Gene Meadows, Vincent Fregonara, Rick Lieder, Robert Shimmin, Carla Anderson, Mary Quinn, Cary Loren, and Bill Rauhauser are now on view. It is an eclectic show that ranges from contact platinum prints to digital photographs made without a camera. This small exhibition demonstrates the diversity of approaches in a medium still trying to be understood, ripe with conflict and purpose."

I Heart Photograph & Collage

One of the reasons I love the I Heart Photograph blog, is the fact that frequently mixed media and collage work is featured on the site. I find the organic, hand-made, hand crafted feel of some of the work on there to be a nice contrast against the onslaught of digital imagery. Here are some random images, visit the blog for more.

e martë, 13 nëntor 2007

List of Problems w/ the Shot on VH1

My list of problems with the new reality show on VH1, The Shot, keeps growing. Aimed at finding America's Next Top Fashion Photographer, the show is produced by the same people as America's Next Top Model. I was initially irritated when seeing the portfolios of the contestants on the first episode, a cheesy collection of typical amateur photography. I was then irritated when I noticed that the photographers were not even setting up their own lighting, or seemed unfamiliar with the equipment they had been given.. (One contestant even asking how to "zoom" with her fixed lens). The lighting had already been done for them, their cameras most likely on pre-determined exposures.

The most recent irritation is Detroit specific. "Piper", one of the more annoying people on the show, is claimed to be from Detroit every time her names pops on the screen. Curious to see what Piper's story was, I googled her today, only to find that Piper actually lives in New York. I can't help but think they add her location as being in Detroit only to add some "drama", or give her some street cred.

Its unfortunate that the general public is getting such a poor image of what fashion photography, and photography in general, is all about.

DIA- You Goin?

I know its an old tag-line for the DIA, but I think it still fits for the upcoming re-opening....There is an artist's party on the 23rd, and I think it should be really fun...Find info below

Artist Party
Friday, November 23
9:30 p.m. — Midnight
Kresge Court

Featuring the Immigrant Suns
Sign our guestbook for your free gift!

Please spread the word
throughout the art community!

Artist's Party Host Committee:
Hartmut Austen Glenn Barr Kristin Beaver Martyn Bouskila
Taurus Burns Mitch Cope John Corbin Lynn Crawford Andrea Eis
Mary Fortuna Scott Hocking Richard Lewis Andy Malone
Glen Mannisto Kathleen McShane Dennis Nawrocki Jim Pallas
Valerie Parks Tom Phardel John Richardson Dave Roberts
Phaedra Robinson Mel Rosas Mark Sengbusch Clinton Snider
Gilda Snowden Sally Schluter Tardella Graem Whyte
Robert Wilbert Elizabeth Youngblood

DIA Re-opening

There is an article in the NY Times about a particular artist, and the DIA's re-opening. I think its fantastic that its creating stories around the country, including some buzz in London. I'm a little bothered by the fact that they chose to focus on an artist from Lansing, and now living in New York. Ideally, I think an interview with an artist working in Detroit would've been the most ideal candidate to focus on. Either way, regardless of the living location, its good that the museum is drawing attention from other areas....

Art Collecting Opportunity

White Wall Gallery had work up by Shawn Gust, who had been previously showcased on the blog as well. Shawn has decided to offer up the last piece left from the show, for the cost of production and shipping- a total of only $65. If anyone is interested in having this piece, 'Kyle, Record Store Clerk', let me know. Its a great opportunity to start a collection or add to it, and its awesome for people not usually able to afford art.

E-Mail me if interested, and for those who want to see more of Shawn's work, you can find him @ http://shawntose.blogspot.com/.....

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Night-time Photography

I recently received the ICP newsletter in my inbox, and at the bottom of the page was the "Photo-tip of the month", this one in particular geared towards night-time photography. I've recently come across a slew of great photographs taken in the evening. I'm not sure if this is a growing trend, or if I've been more drawn to them as of late. Two photographers in particular, Scott Lessing,, who's images are listed first, and Remi Thornton, listed as the last two.



Playing Catch-Up- Narrative and Language

Playing Catch-Up- Dead Pan

Playing Catch-Up- Polaroid

I'm finally getting around to posting images of the last three shows- enjoy!

e martë, 6 nëntor 2007

Article on Dead-Pan

Before, during and after the Dead-Pan show @ White Wall, I found myself frequently explaining to people what "dead-pan" photography was like. Here's an article that examines the style.

e hënë, 5 nëntor 2007

Scarab Club Photography Group

These guys have some great stuff going on, stop by the meeting or check the myspace out...