e enjte, 9 gusht 2007

Call for Submissions

Rebecca at Metro Times, is working on the Arts issue, check this out, below.

Hey there,

For the upcoming Metro Times arts issue, published Sept. 19, I'm soliciting self-portraits to print in a full-color 15-page supplement. If you'd like to be a part of the project, submit your self-portrait via email (high res is at least 300 dpi, at 10" tall) or mail it in on disc.

Anyone, not just painters, should feel free to join in by doodling, jotting down notes, spitting on or staining something. Teachers please tell your students and gallerists can send along work, too, as long as its by a metro Detroiter. All work will be published online, and about 10 self-portraits (maybe more, depending on how good the selection is) will appear in the paper. If someone wants to buy the work, we'll make it easy for them to contact you.

Also, if you have any comments on what we should cover in the arts issue, speak up.


2 komente:

Anonim tha...

I wonder if the MetroTimes has ever paid for content. I suppose that as long as there are unknown artists scrambling for attention, they won't have to.

Bygbaby tha...

Tempting but my face is way too big.