e premte, 10 gusht 2007

Showcase: Jennifer Loeber

Jennifer Loeber, from NY, has been involved with both Jen Bekman's "Hey Hot Shot" Competition, and the often talked about Humble Arts Foundation, showing in both. These images here are part of a series entitled "Catalogue of the Expectant". There is a brief statement below the images, and more work can be found at her site.

My photographs are comprised of transitory moments, namely, the subtle turning points between past and future. I'm drawn to that brief window of time in which the glimpse of an inner narrative or true spirit may be revealed.

In an increasingly corporate and media dictated world determined to unnaturally separate the human experience into black or white, I prefer to concentrate on the muddied up gray areas of neither grandeur nor debacle that make up the larger portions of most peoples lives and experiences. Although my subjects are varied, the overall focus echoes our daily expectations, our overabundance of choice, and the hidden dangers of the unknown that threaten us profoundly yet internally