e enjte, 2 gusht 2007

Showcase: Michael Werner

Michael Werner is based in Germany, always a country known for its contemporary photography. However his work is not like others I have seen in the past from that region. Michael has a blog here, and also a site here. There is a brief statement below the images also.

I developed the series "The Mirages" simply in the pure joy of the creative process. They are like a fata morgana, a country in the future. Houses become starships floating in a weightless space. Landscapes to a science fiction world, some of them psychedlic or surreal. The world turns upside down, there is no up and no down, the law of gravity is out of order. The viewer dives into an alien and unknown world.

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Leoqueen tha...

I just discovered these images....they make me think of Howl's Moving Castle....