e mërkurë, 29 gusht 2007

Showcase: Don Jones

Don Jones is a metro-Detroit based photographer, exploring images of the woods and of the city. "I love the raw isolation and spirit that exists in both places. I am working on a series of photos of Detroit cityscapes called 'Greetings from Dreamville', these 3 images come from Detroit and Hamtramck".

I enjoy the fact that these images have a certain timeless quality to them. They could have been easily photographed in the 60's, 70's, 80's, etc. I think that speaks of both the photographers approach, and the subjects.

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Gorlor tha...

Don, I think you're onto something. I love photographing in Detroit. It has so much history and change, albeit some very sad. Keep up the good work.

justbeamensch tha...

Thanks, my friend. There is much to photograph in Detroit, Hamtramck, Highland Park etc. There is a fierce dignity against all odds. I took a framed copy of my General Photo to the General recently[the green car image] and he fed me some barbacue that he was cooking next to his building and discussed biblical passages with me. I am forunate to have met him. I would love to see your images.