e martë, 7 gusht 2007

Showcase: Jessica Ehrler

Jessica has explored the abandonment of Detroit, a popular subject for the residents here. Although she is now living in San Francisco pursuing an MFA, she is from the area originally. I find her work to be an appropriate follow-up to the Harpers article with images by Misty Keasler, an outsider. I wonder if the images that an outsider produces of Detroit decay and those of a non-outsider would show really great difference? Does the fact that some people are surrounded by the subject matter in their photographs influence the images they produce? Or does an outsider see the decay in the same way?
Of course, these are hypothetical questions, and there is no right answer. Just exploring the idea.

More of Jessica's work can be seen here.

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Patrick Edwards tha...

The bottom picture has excellent depth of field. I like it a lot.