e martë, 7 gusht 2007

Stephen Shore and Warhol

There is an article, with interview, over at Wallpaper about a new exhibition of Stephen Shore images from the Factory Days here.

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Since the death of Andy Warhol there's been a cottage industry of books about him, as well as collections of work made by those around him in the factory years. There are a few collections published of the Shore photos which are fascinating by being a bit hagiographic of the fabulousness of the moments photographed & also what I would say is a bold skill set for a 17 year old. By luck (and a willingness to devote years of my life to exploring secondhand shops) I have the Warhol catalogue from the Moderna Museet in Stockholm from 1968 - approximately 1/3 of the catalogue is of Shore's photographs, another 1/3 are photos by Billy Name. The book is extremely rare & fragile - it was printed on very acidic newsprint. There are more recent books of the photos by Shore & Billy Name - Collier Schorr edited a book of Billy Name's photos entitled All Tomorrow's Parties. This kind of snapshot-candid work morphed in Warhol's own work to his photographic work of the 70s-80s, becoming more glamorous, more public, more like paparazzi work. I don't know what others' think but I consider Warhol's photographic work a very fascinating prism of photography in our culture.